About Us

Our Story

At Tokers, we know that you can get Delta 8 products just about anywhere. However, we’re a business built on community. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff aren’t just here to sell you products. Instead, we want you to feel welcome in any of our locations. More importantly, we hope to educate each of our valued customers. It is our hope that by better understanding the products we offer, our customers will be able to better decide what is best for them. Furthermore, it is our hope that our interactions with the community will help to lift the stigma around the medicinal and recreational use of hemp and cannabis products as a whole.

With all of those things in mind, we started our family-owned business in Maryville, Tennessee. We hire only the friendliest and most knowledgeable clerks and budtenders and have the same level of discernment when it comes to our products. If it isn’t something we’d feel comfortable using, you’ll never see it on our shelves. So, find a Tokers location and come see the difference.

Honey B.

Come and smell the flowers with Honey B! B is one of our senior budtenders. They are committed to creating a safe, inclusive space so that all stoners from any background can leave knowing that their voices were heard. They specialize in flower, glassware, and electronics - and they will take any chance there is to show someone new around the glass-room. Come treat yourself to a new bong - Honey B is there to help!

Tori D.

Come chat and stock up on everything with our lovely Tori, the jewel of Tokers Inc. Tori has been a part of our crew for well over a year and specializes in flower and all things edible. Her own experiences with chronic illness drive her to be committed to helping you find the relief you’re after. Whether you struggle with chronic pain, insomnia, or even if you are looking for a good time, come see Tori; she’ll show you the goodies.

Ryan W.

Come and see what’s new with Ryan! Ryan is a senior budtender and Tokers Inc.store manager. His core specialties are flower and vaporizers. He has years of experience inthe cannabis biz and is pretty much our jack of all trades. Ryan is devoted to having a diverseselection of products so that any person that comes in, no matter their tolerance, can haveoptions that suit their needs. More than anything, Ryan is committed to educating people on allthings THC.

Lori N.

Lori is the captain of our crew. She built Tokers Inc. from the ground up and has made it into a place of community. She strives for education, compassion, and unity within our walls and out. Lori’s own experiences with unclean cannabinoids in the past were the catalyst that was needed to get us where we are today. She knows that the stoner community runs deep and is committed to only selling products that are clean and actually beneficial for you. Come share your story with Lori, she can’t wait to hear it.

Dylan H.

Come toke your troubles away with Dylan! Dylan joined our crew almost a year ago and has quickly become a favorite among customers. Dylan specializes in flower, edibles, and disposables. His compassionate demeanor makes it easy for new customers to feel comfortable and welcome. Dylan strives to make connections with people in the community, making every interaction special. Whatever you may need, Dylan has got your back.

Sarah C.

Before you go home after that long work day, stop by and talk with Sarah! Sarah is the current reigning Dab Queen of Tokers and has been a part of the crew for almost six months. Sarah knows more than most how crazy life can get sometimes, she wants everyone to leave our shop knowing that they will be finally able to kick back and relax the way they deserve. She specializes in concentrate, edibles, and electronics. If you are wanting a new piece that has the best of both worlds, ask Sarah about her Dr. Dabber.

Damien C.

Come talk with Damien about all your toking needs! Damien is new to the Crew as well, joining almost three months ago. His articulate nature makes conversation come easy. Damien is committed to educating our community and making it so that everyone who wants to smoke can safely do so. He specializes in concentrate and flower. Come talk with Damien - you might learn a thing or two!

Fun fact about Damien: He knows sign language!

Dakota E.

Come chat with Dakota! Another new addition to the crew, and a welcomed one at that. Dakota’s prior industry experience makes talking to him come easy, as well as finding a product suitable for your tolerance. Dakota is determined to have every customer leave happy with their product, excited to use their products, and most of all not broke from buying your products. Dakota specializes in flower, concentrate, and Puffco Products. If you're in need of a pick me up, stop by and see Dakota!

Our Flagship Store

One day, we hope to have a crop of locations across the Southeast to serve as many communities as possible. In fact, we have seeds of new locations germinating right now. Those who want to see the fruits of our first harvest only need to come to our flagship location in Browns Creek Shopping Center. You’ll find quality people and products as well as a welcoming environment. We have edibles, flower, concentrates, glasswear, décor, and so much more.